Access Prime Remote Wellness Membership (Annual)

$385.00 / year

Up to 150 generics* at our cost plus 10% (or a minimum fee of $1 per prescription), GoMD tele-medicine, & 5 types of commonly ordered lab work up to 4 times a year. More time with a doctor and your pharmacist. Save hundreds of dollars on labs, doctor visits, and prescription medication!  Transparent pricing and peace of mind!

Access to a list of 150 generic medications* with a price of our cost (acquisition cost) plus 10% markup or a minimum of $1 per prescription

Medications not on the above-mentioned list due to higher acquisition costs (the price we pay for the medication) will be sold at cost plus 15% with a dispensing fee of $2 (as opposed to non-members who pay cost plus 15% with dispensing fee may range up to an additional $4 $12 per prescription. This is still a huge savings, but a Wellness member even saves more!)

Convenient Access to appointments with an Oregon GoMD Telemedicine Physician.

A $30 administrative fee is waived with the purchase of the annual memebership.